Hi, I’m Kate a certified Health & Well-Being Coach.

In your day to day working life I empower you to create optimal health, build resilience to stress & help skyrocket your energy through mindset, nutrition & lifestyle. Through personal experience it's my passion to support you so you can thrive in both your job & life.

How can Health Coaching help you? 

A Health Coach supports you in achieving your individual & unique health goals. Through active listening & asking questions a Health Coach & yourself can gain a really clear insight into your Health & Lifestyle discussing your health history, symptoms, nutrition, lifestyle, stress, sleep, environment, career & more. Health Coaching helps you gain a deeper & clear understanding of your health & empowers you to take back control. Together you create a health plan setting realistic, enjoyable & manageable goals. A Health Coach really is your biggest cheerleader! 

No matter where you are on your journey, I help you, help you

“Kates professionalism & knowledge, combined with her holistic approach make her a fantastic Health Coach who I would highly recommend." 

- Poppy, London

It's time to nourish you

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1 & 3 months bespoke health coaching programmes for you to transform your health & well-being whilst supporting you to get to the root cause of your symptoms. 

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“Kate made me realise the importance of small tweaks and changes to my lifestyle and how they all add up to have a bigger impact upon my overall health. I would recommend Kate to everyone seeking to improve their health and well being."

- Kirsty

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