Cyprus, 2016

My Ethos


I feel strongly that in todays world we’re forever juggling what feels like a million things & we’re stressed, anxious & close to/we burn out. We work overtime, don’t take lunch breaks, don’t switch off when work is finished, we’re always switched on! We say yes a lot & don’t have boundaries. We look after everyone, making sure our families & friends are ok but in the process we forget ourselves & are at the bottom of the list. We don’t prioritise ‘us’, we don’t prioritise our health & well-being yet we can often prioritise material pieces for that quick fix & to switch off from what is really happening. Been there got the t-shirt!


I want to change this conversation into one of prioritising yourself & your health, to allow you to put yourself at the top of that list without any guilt & take back control of your health and well-being. You don’t even have to slow down but it’s the tools we can use in our lives that help being busy easier and feel more in control.


Health and well-being today can portray many mixed messages that it can feel overwhelming and can often create fear, stress and shame. I am so passionate about simplifying this information, making it more accessible, enjoyable and doable. I'm your biggest cheer leader!


I'm about ~ prevention over cure, self-care, compassion, putting our health & well-being first not "I'll do it later". I’m a busy working mum who's 100% committed to living as healthier, calmer life for myself and my family however I'm not a purist, I'm a realist and so my goal is to provide individualised Health Coaching using simple, practical tools that can be intertwined in your day-to-day that are 100% achievable if you commit! By making small incremental changes daily you see and feel results quicker, I've been there and know it works!.

It is my passion to motivate, guide and empower you on your unique health journey whilst supporting and helping you maintain long-term, consistent habits leading to a more fulfilling, happier, healthier and less stressful life.

Kate Rohde


Certified NHS accredited Health Coach, Well-Being Coach, rebounder fanatic, skincare & beauty product obsessed, lover of beaches, health books and all round health nut & foodie.


On a deeper level 


I was a silently highly stressed out, anxious 30+ year old burning the candle at both ends designing and managing in the Fashion Industry and outside of work trying to conceive my first child and then 2nd child having experienced miscarriages along the way which left me feeling isolated from the real world as they weren't really talked about. Underlying stress, overwhelm, poor sleep, juggling work, saying yes to everything I didn’t want to do in life and everything else in-between were just part of my journey. My skin & digestion suffered as a result, I had migraines, felt sluggish & overall burnt out. Life was hectic, I was exhausted and hadn’t a clue how to move forwards and break through the chaos. I very gratefully became a mum to 2 amazing girls in my mid to late 30's & ultimately settled in to a new way of living & working after discovering a more naturopathic way of living. My early 40's surprised me with ongoing gut symptoms which no allopathic professional could get to the root cause of. Throughout my journey I discovered some amazing holistic practitioners & through coaching & a more holistic way of living, I changed my lifestyle with the tools I were given which 100% helped to give me the life and vitality I so longed for & ultimately helped me get to the root cause of my stress, anxiety & overall health issues. So through my own personal journey I wanted to help you & so I trained at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London & became a Certified Health Coach.