This 6 month ultimate programme is great for you if . . . . .


You want to be an advocate for your own health & well-being.

You’re busy, stressed & overwhelmed & in need of some trust-worthy guidance & support over a longer amount of time.

You’re working long hours & many areas of your life are being negatively impacted & need some help.

You really want to kick start your health journey & see & feel results.

You’re in need of some motivation & guidance over a longer period of time.

You feel stuck, have tried implementing a healthier lifestyle, you know what you need to do but struggle to keep it going.

You want to feel calmer, more energised & happier & be in control of your life



This programme gives you. . . .


A longer amount of time for you to really pause, to prioritise your health & well-being & start the journey of change looking after ‘you’.

You will be given straightforward, practical tools & tips for clarity, enjoyment & manageability which you can implement straight away & begin to see results & start living a more grounded, holistic lifestyle during these 6 months & beyond.

You will feel motivated & empowered to accomplish your goal(s) in the best way for you & your lifestyle & have the confidence to take what you’ve learn’t over the 6 months into your future. I will be there to guide, support & Inspire you to continue moving forwards on your health & well-being journey.

This 6 month programme gives you the time & helps you to dive deeper & understand the root causes of issues arising in your life & to really start moving forwards. You will feel the amazing health & well-being rewards of living a holistic lifestyle.




6 Month Programme includes 

  • 1 x 2 hour consultation & personalised health plan – We start with an in-depth consultation going through your health history form (that you fill in prior to starting the programme) discussing what you’d like to begin focusing on & create a personalised health plan. This will be reviewed & adjusted as we go through this time together.
  • 1 hour weekly check-in sessions – these are free-flowing sessions to discuss any issues that may have arisen/what is/isn’t working & to keep you on track adjusting your health plan as & when needed
  • Daily email access Monday to Friday plus regular accountability check-ins
  • Detailed notes emailed from each session
  • Resources, tips & recommendations
  • Shopping list & nourishing recipe ideas
  • A bonus free 1 hour household/beauty swop consultation
  • A bonus ‘Wheel of Life’ mini workshop
  • A greater amount of time to focus on ‘you’



Visualise yourself. . . .

Feeling less stressed, happier, healthier, calmer and with more energy to implement positive changes into all areas of your life





All programmes I offer have been carefully curated by myself to ensure you get the best possible guidance & support throughout our time together in a calm, safe, nurturing space. I feel so passionate about helping you achieve your health & well-being goals in order for you to live the life you truly desire.

Through my own personal experiences of feeling overworked, juggling what felt like a million things, not prioritising me, having no boundaries in life which created endless worry, stress & anxiety it’s so important we put ourselves first, invest in our health instead of keep burning the candle at both ends and feeling like we’re in a vicious cycle. 

I offer you time, just for you, to bring back equilibrium into your life, to have space & be able to reflect, recharge & move forwards in the right way for ‘you’.

If you’re ready to prioritise ‘you’ click on the button below and lets chat!