A Health & Well-Being Coach is a mentor & guide who helps you to gain a clear understanding of your health & well-being goal(s), who gives you the knowledge, tools & skills to confidently change aspects of your health whilst supporting & motivating you to maintain long-term achievable goals creating balance in your life. A Health & Well-Being Coach can also advise & tailor make a plan to support any medically diagnosed conditions/health concerns agreed & identified by the two parties & help you to self-manage any symptoms through a Healthy lifestyle.

A Health & Well-Being Coach will support you in achieving your individual & unique health & wellness goals. Through active listening & asking questions a Health & Well-Being Coach & yourself can gain a clear insight into your Health & Lifestyle discussing your health history, nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, stress, anxiety, environment, career, relationships & more. Health & Well-Being Coaching helps you gain a deeper & clear understanding of your health & empowers you to take back control of your wellbeing. Together you create a health plan setting realistic, enjoyable & manageable goals.

Health & Well-Being Coaches work alongside GP’s, private doctors, specialist health areas, nutritionists, herbalists as well as other natural health care practitioners.

Health & Well-Being Coaches are not able to diagnose or treat medical conditions & are not a substitute for professional medical advice & treatment.

Health & Well-Being consultations are done via zoom or phone depending which one works best for you.