Do you lead a busy life?

Are you someone that wants to live an overall healthier lifestyle but finds it quite stressful & overwhelming not knowing where to start?

Do you feel guilty when you eat something you feel you shouldn’t have only to then feel more stressed & so the same pattern keeps on going & you’re not moving forwards?

I feel strongly that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about being a purist. I’ve been there & it’s stressful & completely counterproductive!. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to be suggesting you eat anything you want but it’s about creating a balanced approach that works for you & your lifestyle. I love the 80/20 approach so 80% of the time you’re eating healthily & 20% is about eating what you want with no guilt or judgment just about pure enjoyment. It’s also not just about what we eat. Emotions, thoughts, actions, environment, people & more affect us & the way we show up in our lives on a daily basis. Approaching our health & wellbeing with realistic, incremental steps each day creates a much better overall life balance which makes being healthier a lot more accessible, sustainable & fun!

If you’d like to find out more about how I could help you move forwards, why don’t you book my completely free ‘non obligatory’ 30 minute discovery call! I can write so much on this topic but ultimately I think it’s about talking it all through & working out if we’re a good potential match to work together any time! Would love to hear from you!